Baby Swaddle Blankets

Buy your swaddle blankets at Pam & Ander and ensure a good rest for your newborn baby. Choose from sets of assorted designs to make your baby look completely adorable! From a newborn swaddle set for a boy, to swaddle sets for a baby girl, you will have plenty of options to choose from! Add the finishing touches to your baby's room with these sets, which include swaddle blankets and a hair accessory! Get it for yourself or as a gift!

Get your swaddle blankets now!

Using swaddle blankets with babies is a practice whose purpose is to restrict the baby’s movements while they’re asleep.

Swaddling is used to ensure that the newborn baby sleeps comfortably and safely. However, it is a technique that must be used correctly and should never be used on babies over 2 months old.

At Pam & Ander, we make our swaddle blankets with microfiber, a safe fabric that stays fresh, breathable, and comfortable. Their design has been specially crafted to ensure the safety of newborn babies.

Baby Boy Swaddle Sets: Astronauts, Dinosaurs, And More!

Enjoy the most adorable designs of our newborn swaddle sets for boys. Here you have our most popular swaddle blankets for baby boys:
  • Astronaut Baby Boy Swaddle Set: For an extra “spacial” dream!
  • Baby Yoda Boy Swaddle Set: For those parents that are big Mandalorian fans!
  • Bamboo Baby Boy Swaddle Set: For babies connected with nature!

Baby Girl Swaddle Sets: Mermaid Swaddle Sets, Castles, And More!

Your baby girl can be whoever she wants to be! Here are some popular options that you can choose for her: