Nursing pillow cover

Feeding your baby is a special and very intimate moment. Of course, there is nothing better than living this precious moment with the greatest possible comfort, both for mother and baby. A nursing pillow can give you the support you need to give your back a rest while you breastfeed. And what is better than personalizing your pillow with an adorable and fun nursing pillow cover? A boppy nursing pillow cover will protect the pillow from stains and dirt, while brightening up that beautiful moment with its unique designs. Choose yours!


What you need to know about getting a nursing pillow with cover

A nursing pillow is very useful to help new moms to find a comfortable position for breastfeeding. However, it has many other uses. Find out what they are! Then, you may consider getting a nursing pillow cover to make the experience of breastfeeding extra-special!

What is a nursing pillow?

A nursing pillow is a type of crescent-shaped cushion that is used to place the mother's arms while breastfeeding and, thus, maintain a more correct posture that makes breastfeeding easier and avoids back or neck pain.

Benefits of a nursing pillow with cover

      • If the mom has had a c-section, the nursing pillow allows the baby to be brought closer to the breast without resting directly on the scar, which can hurt during the first days due to constant rubbing.
      • If the mom has back problems or muscle injuries, the nursing pillow helps to find a suitable posture to avoid pain and tension in the neck, back, etc.
      • If the mom has had twins, the nursing pillow can help support both babies at the same time to breastfeed simultaneously.
      • It helps to achieve a better lactation technique by helping the baby's mouth to be located at the level of the areola, which avoids problems that may result from incorrect sucking: cracks, pain, obstructions, low milk production, etc.

A nursing pillow doesn’t have drawbacks if used well. For example, making the baby take a forced posture could lead to him having a bad grip. Also, if the nursing pillow is not breathable, it can be very hot, especially in summer, which would make the baby and the mother sweat more.


Why you should gift a boppy cover for girl and boy?

If you have a friend who is about to become a mom, it is a good idea to give her something special, a present that is personalized, useful, and functional. A very good option is to give the future mom a boppy cover for girl or boy. These are some of the reasons why she will love them:

      • They form a protective barrier between the baby and the pillow, preventing it from filling with dirt and germs.
      • They are easy to wash and clean in case of stains.
      • It is not necessary to wash the pillow often. Just wash or change the cover!
      • If you buy more than one, they can easily be swapped out when they get dirty.
      • You can personalize them with the baby's name. Your friend will love it!
      • Their cute and colorful designs make the nursing pillow look adorable and fun.
      • They are made with soft and breathable fabrics for greater comfort.


Pick your favorite boppy nursing pillow cover!

Choose a boppy nursing pillow cover for the future mom in your life and put a smile on her face with these beautiful designs:

Nursing pillow covers for adventurous babies:

Nursing pillow covers for animal lovers:
    Nursing pillow covers for animal lovers: